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Texter’s Neck

Next time when you on the train, take a break from your mobile devices and look around. Won’t you agree that the image above looks all too familiar? Smartphones have become so interconnected with our lives that most of us cannot even live without it for more than a minute.

‘Texter’s Neck’ (also known as anterior head syndrome) describes the position your neck is in when you are looking down at your phone. Flexing your head forward for long periods of time will affect your posture and can cause cervical spinal degeneration. Look at the image above. When your head is in the normal posture, the ears and the neck are aligned and are on the same plane.


Solutions for neck stiffness and pain

Firstly, hold your device up to your face rather than bringing your face to the device. Also, try to spend less time on your device and take regular breaks. There are also some simple neck exercises that you can do to relieve the neck stiffness and maintain the cervical spine mobility.

Neck pain
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