Shoulder Pain

Frozen Shoulders

We humans, were all evolutionarily designed to move about in the dense jungles, hunt for food and fight for territories. Our closest animal species, the primates, are doing just that! Our shoulders particularly, are “evolved” for that purpose in the first place. In modern times, most of our lives are so sedentary that sometimes the most we would have used our shoulders for is to scratch our own back. But the human shoulders were not designed to sit still. They were supposed to be the major source of power-generation to throw spears and projectiles as a method of hunting prey. So, it becomes very clear that we are under-using our shoulders.



Treatments for Frozen shoulders

Frozen shoulders apparently cannot be cured, research says. However, it can be managed and minimised. Once diagnosed, patients normally get referred to a physiotherapist as preservation of range of motion is important. Once range of motion improves, pain can be reduced as well. If you believe you are in the early stages of frozen shoulder, immediately begin doing range of motion exercises without excessive discomfort. That means these exercises should hurt only minimally. This is a nice collection of exercises for the shoulder, with good illustrations.


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