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HotHeal Therapy is a special non-invasive treatment that uses radio-frequency energy to help activate cell metabolism restoring its natural balance, increasing vascularisation and the internal temperature of the targeted tissues. The result is a faster acceleration of the natural healing processes of the human body, reducing the patient’s pain and inflammation from the first session.

As an externally applied treatment, it is extremely comfortable and there is no down time needed, allowing immediate return to work and normal daily activities. Hotheal Therapy is is showed over years of clinical use to give very effective results, gaining popularity with top level athletes and patients with difficult pain problems.

An effective solution for :

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Backache, neck pain
  • Sprains, fractures, muscle damage
  • Tendonitis and bursitis
  • Physio-aesthetic treatments
back pain treatment

Although very well established in Europe, it is relatively new to Singapore. As one of the pioneering physiotherapy clinics in Singapore offering Radiofrequency Therapy, The Pain Relief Practice combines the latest in medical technology with skilled and experienced physiotherapists to offer excellent results.

If you suffer from difficult pain, aches or stiffness, simply call, SMS or WhatsApp 9782 1601 to find out how HotHeal Therapy can quickly improve your condition.










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