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Wonderful news! There are many knee arthritis solutions you have not tried.


Always consult a medical doctor to oversee the management of knee arthritis.

However, medical doctors tend to emphasize medications and surgery as the key treatments.

This may not be ideal if you are concerned about the side effects of prolonged medication use and worried about the risks of surgery.

If you have any worries about the cost of medical treatment, the good news is that Medisave and Insurance can often be used for the diagnosis and treatment of knee arthritis.


Every person who has knee arthritis needs to know that this is a long-term chronic disease.

A long-term program of nutrition correction and activity modification is required to prevent the condition from getting worse with time. We have put together a set of nutrition and exercise recommendations that are both practical and cost-effective.

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The diagnosis of your knee condition does not appear to be confirmed with any scans.

A knee X-ray is the minimum test someone with knee pain should do to diagnose the condition.

Please consider doing at least an X-ray or preferably a knee MRI to confirm your diagnosis.

If cost is a concern, do note that medisave and medical insurance can often be used.



You indicated that you are willing to consider knee surgery.

The good news is that there are many recent advances in knee surgery that is much safer and can give good results.

Knee arthroscopy, partial knee replacement, customized knee implants and robotic knee surgery are just some of the new developments.

There is even a new minimally invasive knee injection procedure that can give very good results.

Many patients delay surgery due to a worry about the cost of knee surgery.

However most people have some medical insurance, integrated shield plans as well as hospital and surgical insurance plans that can cover their treatments, even if they see a private specialist.

Depending on the type of insurance you have, “$0 Cashless Payments” are possible.

If you have an Integrated Shield Plan and a “full rider” that covers you for private hospitals, you may also be eligible for “Cashless Service” .

Some examples of Integrated Shield Plans and Riders include:

  • AIA, Healthshield Gold Max A + Max Essential A
  • Aviva, Myshield Plan 1 + MyHealth Plus Plan 1 (option C)
  • AXA, AXA Shield Plan A + Basic Care
  • GE, Supreme Health P Plus + Total Health Platinum
  • NTUC, Enhanced Incomeshield Preferred + Plus Rider
  • Prudential, PRUshield Premier + PRUextra Premier

It is important to explore the risk, benefits of your available treatment options for Knee Arthritis before making a decision.

To find a doctor to discuss knee arthritis treatment options,

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