Exercises for long drive

Driving back home this festive season? After a long drive, here’s some exercises which you can perform to ease the aches away.

Wishing you a safe drive & enjoy the reunion meal with your loved ones!

Shockwave step2

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shockwave physiotherapy singapore


Shockwave Therapy uses powerful acoustic energy to stimulate deep tissue repair. It is applied directly to the site of injury through the client’s skin via a gel medium, creating a series of intense physical energy waves. This acoustic energy wave stimulates a healing process and breaks down dysfunctional issue. Earlier generation shockwave machines used by other centres were known to be expensive and quite uncomfortable (often needing local anesthesia before treatments). The Pain Relief Practice offers the new generation of radial shockwave therapy which is not only dramatically more affordable but also very comfortable.

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As an externally applied treatment, it is extremely comfortable and there is no down time needed, allowing immediate return to work and normal daily activities. Radiofrequency Therapy is also supported by multiple medical studies proving effective results, gaining popularity with top level athletes and patients with difficult pain problems.


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